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"Their home is so beautiful and welcoming; they have great taste, and the atmosphere was just so pleasant. They played music for us on their sound system. We're afraid that if we do anything with this apartment we might ruin the magic..." These were the impressions of Ofer and Avital as they came back from their first meeting with the homeowners of this Beit HaKerem, Jerusalem apartment.


The flow of movement in this apartment allows family members and guests to move freely between continuous spaces: you can enter the children's bedroom from the cooking area and exit it close to the master bedroom, or walk into the master bedroom from the living space and from there enter the children's bedroom. This creates a sense of freedom and space.

How does one live in multi-purpose spaces that change throughout the day and continue changing over the years? Read on to find out :)

Amit Gosher - Studio XS - Loop (31).jpg

If a home is a reflection of the people living in it, isn't it a little strange that it is so deeply affected by fashion and trends? It may be even more strange that we, Israelis, who are known for our warm temperament, openness, and Mediterranean nature, are so afraid of color. Many of us opt for white homes, black clothes, subtle use of material, and even less so - color. This family did things differently and brought color and material into their home.

Amit Gosher - Sutdio XS - Blues (27).jpg

Have you ever noticed that most small apartments seem to be white? 

In this 44 sqm apartment, the choice of black veneer proves the strong effect a dark color has on a small space. 

Men In Black

A diagonal wall set in a square apartment, a colorful family living in northern Tel Aviv.

We asked ourselves how we could reconcile these conflicting planes, using this tension to create a high-quality living space. Come in to find out.


Design process involves three main players: Us, the architects, with our design and functional viewpoint; the space, serving as a canvas for our creation; and the client - who trusts us and lets us lead the way, and at the same time, also plays his own role in the process. In the project before us we were inspired by our client, while harnessing the unique expressions of his personality as a starting point for our design work.

Perfect Contrast

A couple whose children have left the family nest leaves behind a house in the suburbs in favor of a 50-square-meter apartment in an old building overlooking a busy road.

The objective: living in a compact space located in a vibrant urban area. But how do you store the contents of a spacious house inside a tiny apartment while also maintaining reasonable living space?

With this challenge in mind we set off.


Taking a shower in a wet room rather than a shower stall. Washing face in the morning in front of a huge window. Doing the laundry in a dedicated space filled with natural light, with a counter top for folding. Working while watching TV in the public space of the house. All these were the starting point for planning a 60m² apartment in central Tel Aviv.


A very long and narrow apartment (93m² divided into 4.50m wide and 20m long) in a preservation listed building on Rothschild Boulevard. Open minded and daring customers gave a fascinating challenge: a room for each of the three children, 2 bathrooms and a spacious living area.The starting point was unusual: the children's rooms were meant to be functional and simple thus providing a wider living space in the public areas.

_DSC8617 copy.jpg

From the first moment it was clear that the roof of this apartment should not only be a place with a great view, but also a place for the daily life of the young family living there; a place for family entertainment, for the girls to run around and for the parents to have guests over. Therefore, it was clear that the layout of the house should be flipped: The main floor went up, allowing the living room and the kitchen to enjoy the roof while the parent's en-suite went down, lodging close to the girls.

Garden On The Roof - small.jpg

e(X)tra (S)mall talk: XS studio's exhibition for compact design at the ZeZeZe Gallery in Tel-Aviv Port. "The Pink Elephant": a sequence of compact actions tailored to the gallery's space. The pink elephant has the ability to change and function according to different scenarios in the gallery: hosting three evening seminars, opening night, routine day, and more.


This apartment is located in a building allocated for conservation in Tel Aviv, and is home to a talented pianist who loves to entertain friends and host music nights in his home. The challenge was to create a flexible space, suitable for entertaining, that lends itself to a variety of hospitality scenarios and collaborative musical activities.


This tenant loves to entertain. He throws parties, large dinners and social gatherings.  The challenge in this project is to design a flat that is set up to accommodate events of a somewhat public scale, while still being comfortable for regular, day-to-day living.

 A two-floor apartment in the center of Tel Aviv, allows entertaining, get-togethers and parties on both floors.


A 83m² apartment in the "Old North" of Tel Aviv. 3rd floor with a far view of the city. One father and one son, in a home suited exactly for them.

XS-2.6.16-199 copy.jpg

This two story apartment is situated in the luxurious project, at the northern most edge of Tel Aviv, right on the beach. It was bought as an investment.  it was clear that in order to suit the apartment to the potential buyer, changes were in order.   The main organizing element of this apartment is the carpentry stairwell, designed as a main piece, capable of organizing various functions of the house around it or in it.

Fill in the blanks

"Foreign residents, Relatively senior, with grown children.The children visit their parents every once in a while and tend to sleep over. The tenants don't cook a lot but it's important for them to have a comfortable and available kitchen...

This is the program that we formulated with our client who bought the apartment for investment. What started as a glimpse of imagination became a reality when the tenants that bought the apartment  fit perfectly into the profile.

L&XS-4.12.17-55-new copy.jpg

It all began with a simple request. “We want to expand our kitchen a bit,” they said. The story ended in a full renovation, right down to the structure of the house as we got down to the smallest details affecting the daily lives of the residents.

A spacious home in Kochav Yair allowed us to investigate a different kind of compactness: Even in a large home, there’s still great importance in understanding the activities taking place within and to plan accordingly, through the use of strategically planned furniture and through the organization of spaces.

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