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What is compactness?
Is living in a 50 square meter apartment for three considered compact or simply dense?
Could a big house be compact?
How do you tie a standard of living to square meters?
And is it time to update the dream of a house with a lawn and two cars?


Love of the city life, changes in the family structure, social protests, housing shortage, lack of space and even the rise in fuel prices have given way to a new style of living. 
In the past, every family dreamed of a large home out in the countryside with a big yard, two cars and a dog. Today we see a growing demand for a modern, different lifestyle.
In luxurious towers, apartments are currently being planned, starting with an area of 50m² of floor space. In large cities, the trend is leaning towards costly renovations of old apartments, aiming to create quality, modern spaces and indeed to build compact homes with less floor space.

We are Rony Avitzour and Ofer Rossmann. We both grew up in big houses in the suburbs. As adults we moved into small apartments in the city and fell in love with what its lifestyle had to offer.

From our love for the city life XS Studio for a compact design was created. We’ve developed a method for functional planning that is tailor-made. This method serves us to design furniture, urban apartments, houses, residential buildings and public institutions.

In the studio we treat compactness as a smart and precise package. The places we design are not standard and will not be suitable for everyone.

We're XS

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